To fortune man is just a pawn,
And till from earth he's dead and gone,
A happy life he hasn't led
For Dest'ny cares not where we tread
In life, she is a terrible judge.
If you're at peace she'll give a nudge
Then soon you're wealth she'll confiscate
And leave you poor to speculate
Why fate has been so cruel

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On Writing, Practice, and Talent

Well. I haven't done a good old post for quite some time. I am sitting here at the computer (which I hope you would have already guessed) trying to think of something to write about. Words fail me.

I'll start off with writing. People always give you sets of rules to follow (I'm talking specifically about fiction here). Do this, do that, make sure you don't do this, and make sure you do that... you get the idea. I was reading a book about writing a couple days ago, and one thing it said struck me like a sledgehammer striking a watermellon. The book, which by the way has been in print since 1965, said that you shouldn't listen to anyone elses rules. What's right for them might not apply to you or your specific scenario. Rules begin by taking away options and limiting you, something you definately don't want to do in writing. You must develop your own rules, and the way you do that is by writing. Practicing.

Speaking of practicing...

Everyone always says practice is the key. Practice enough and you'll become good. Say you practiced something 10 hours a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year. Could you be the best in the world? An interesting question: how big of a role does natural God given talent play in skill? Well to tell the truth, I think some people are just good at some things, and other people just naturally stink. I think this might sound weird to many people because of the way today's culture works. It's all about everyone can do everything, we're all equal, we're all winners, we can do it if we practice.... To tell the truth, that is not the truth. At all. God has given us all different level's of skill and talent. God doesn't dole out equal amounts of talent or intelligence to everyone, precisely measuring how much he gives to everyone. Truth be told, it's just the opposite. But then you have to step back and ask, "Is intelligence or talent or skill at something good?" Think about it this way, just because you're not as intelligent as Mozart or Einstein doesn't mean God doesn't love you, and it certainly doesn't stop you from your purpose as a human being (praising and glorifying God).

Ah. I just thought of a good topic for my next post....

Monday, June 11, 2007


I just found this cool thing/program. If you want to subscribe to my posts via email, the just click the little thing at the bottom of this post. All you have to do is give it your email address, and it will email you my posts every time I post them. Nifty little thing. Don't ask why you'd want to get my posts by email. I don't know why. But I thought I'd give people the option.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Another Day

And here's another song. I think it turned out OK, even if it is a bit repetetive. I like the piano for the verse. That part was fun to make.

Here's the link to youtube if you can't see the video below:

Another Day

Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Song

Here is another song. I actually recorded it a while ago, right after the Dark Illusions one. I'm working on another which is almost finished, and I will post it when I finish. I find it quite fun writing music, and the singing adds a lot to it, even if I *do* have a terrible singing voice.

If you can't see the video I embeded on this page, then you can watch it on youtube. Here are the links.

Dark Illusions