To fortune man is just a pawn,
And till from earth he's dead and gone,
A happy life he hasn't led
For Dest'ny cares not where we tread
In life, she is a terrible judge.
If you're at peace she'll give a nudge
Then soon you're wealth she'll confiscate
And leave you poor to speculate
Why fate has been so cruel

Friday, August 10, 2007


Alright. It was quite a pain, but I moved all of the posts from this blog to my new blog... and will now conduct business from that site ( So, change your bookmarks and enjoy.


Hostile Legacy

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Website

Well. Time has progressed, and I think that I like blogging. So much so, that I bought a domain, and set up a Wordpress blog. I am currently in the process of transfering the articles on this site to my new site... which may take a couple of days. In the meantime, you're welcome to check out the new site at.... (pretty cool URL huh?)

Hostile Legacy

When I'm done with the site and transfer, I'll put up a post here redirecting to the new one.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Green Tea

So. I just made a website about green tea. Go check it out. I took the pictures and wrote the articles too. Hopefully I'll be able to rank in the search engines soon and get some traffic flowing... then I can put some Adsense and maybe some affiliate links up there.

The site is about green tea. Duh. I wrote two very short articles; one on health benefits, and another on weight loss. Then I took some pictures because everybody likes pictures. At least I do. The URL is...

and a direct link:

Green Tea

Monday, July 30, 2007

VBS and Predestination

Ahem. My greatest apologies for not posting during the past week or so. Actually more like ten days or something. But last week, I was extraordinarily busy with VBS (I hope you know that that stands for vacation bible school, but if you don't... well, I just told you). So in '04 and '05, I was in the skit. Last year I was at summer school so I couldn't help out, but I sure made up for it this year.

This year, the theme for our VBS was what they called sonforce. Basically a secret agent thing. Now don't ask me why they did that, cause secret agents and espionage and God don't really seem to mix... at least to me they don't. But the kids ate it up. So every day during the opening session thingy, I would dress up in a trench coat and sunglasses (I felt pretty cool) and then did a little talk about the days lesson, and stuff of that sort. Then I had to rush up to the media balcony and start playing sound affects and media for the skit that came right after me. And when they were doing worship, I was working the slides for them. After that, I would head off to help with the second grade class (Which, truthfully, is one of the rowdiest crowds at VBS. Trust me, I would know). Now, also during the week, I was recruited to make a little documentary video thing for the church with my camcorder. Then again, on Thursday, I was part of a team that went around and pulled individual kids out of classes and talked one on one about salvation and such (which was pretty cool). So. All in all, I think this has been the busiest year for me in terms of VBS.

Now that I have gone on about absolutely nothing for a long while, I'll add something I've been thinking about lately. Predestination. Now, at least at this point, I would say I'm definitely free will. But it's all very confusing. Last Sunday, I stayed for the second service at church (incidentally, that was to help set up for VBS), and me and a friend did a little bible study/theological discussion (which we actually do quite often). We got to talking about free will, and he came up with a cool idea. Now I don't know if this is true or not, but I am under the impression that predestination people use Pharoh as an example of predestination. Maybe I'm wrong. So if God hardened Pharoh's heart, that means he changed something. That in turn means that Pharoh wasn't predestined. Because God changed something in reality (which he is obviously quite capable of doing) this seems to imply that the choice was originally up to Pharoh.

So here are some things I would say. I would say that God absolutely has the power to change things and predestine us. But I think he chooses not to. One argument I like to use is what I call the 'robot' argument. Our purpose in life is to glorify God, right? So how would you feel if you programmed a computer to worship you. That might be minorly pleasing... but think of how much more pleasing it would be if real people who had the choice to praise you praised you. Free will, at least to me, seems to just be logical. And not just using logic.

So the new testament is telling us to always be praying, and that prayer is a powerful tool, etc. etc. It has a lot to say about prayer. Now what is the purpose, I ask you, of prayer, if we're all predestined? I, at least, can't see any purpose in praying for something that's already been determined to happen or not happen.

If any of my arguments are stupid, or you have any points you would like to make, by all means post a reply.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


My newest song. It's kind of sad... but I have a half-excuse. Actually, most of the lyrics are from a poem a friend of mine wrote. The first verse and the chorus. It was weird, cause immediately after I read the poem... actually even while I was reading it for the first time, this tune popped into my head that fit the poem perfectly, so, I wrote this song. I actually like the music on this one. I think its up there with rain music wise. Here are the lyrics.

Verse 1:

I looked in her eyes
And saw fears
I looked in her heart
And saw tears
I heard her words
And felt the pain
I heard her cries
And saw the stain


There she stood alone
No one on her side
No one was her friend
So alone she died
No one held her up
No one found her name
When she cried for help
No one came

Verse 2:

Alone in the world
She stood on sand
Among waves of grief
Searching for land
She struggled
every day of life
Fought the urge
to end it with a knife


Verse 3:

On she stood through the
Stormy waves
Bonded to destiny
Like a slave
And Finally
The waves of strife
Relieved her
Of her broken life


And the link to youtube...

(coming soon)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Monks and Hermits

I don't really know what to write about... as usual. But I'm going to write a post and see what comes up.

Let's see. Ah. I've been thinking a lot about monks and hermits lately. I was talking to a friend of mine a couple days ago. I was telling him how I think I'd really love to be a hermit or monk (he said that he could see me doing that) but that I think God is calling me to something else. He burst out laughing, and I couldn't figure why. He said I was the only kid who dreams of becoming a hermit.

So I've been wondering... did God take delight in the middle ages monks? I mean these guys were some serious Christians. They were always reciting psalms... praying... they basically did everything for God and tried their best to be perfect. Now I got to thinking, the monks are kind of taking themselves completely out of the world. I mean they're basically saying the world is evil (which it is, but there's also hope) and then removing themselves. Now I thought we were supposed to minister to the world (which is what I think God is calling me to do... I don't know in what way). We aren't supposed to completely cut off all relations with the world, right? Well, when I think of monks, that's the picture that generally comes to mind.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that monks actually didn't cut off all relations with the world. They prayed for the world. They helped people, cared for people, sheltered people, labored in community fields... so they weren't just these guys on top of a mountain with no human contact.

Now hermits... that's a different story. They were guys on tops of mountains with absolutely no human contact. So... I'm not sure about hermits. I mean it seems like how could these perfect guys (well... almost perfect) NOT be pleasing to God? I dunno. I'm still working on that one.

One thought I came up with is this; how many times does the bible tell us to minister to the world? And how many times does it spend telling us the rest of the way we are to behave? Aren't we to be constatntly praying, and not partaking in any of the worlds evil... um... products maybe? and memorizing the entire Bible... Everyone always stresses on ministering to other people, but it seems that the Bible emphasizes 'me' much more than 'them'.

Okay, okay, I know ministering to other people is a huge part of the Christian life, I'm just trying to make excuses for the hermits. Oh well.

Just a sidenote.... If anyone has any questions or (I don't know why these two always seem to go together... maybe they should like make a compound word out of them...) comments while reading any of my posts, I'd be more than happy to answer them. Just post a comment (and everyone knows blog writers love comments [er... at least this one does]).

Monday, July 16, 2007


My newest song... and as usual, please excuse my bad singing voice. At least I think my range is improving a little tiny bit, which is good. This song, at least in my opinion, has the best lyrics out of the bunch. But unfortuneatly, I can't say the same for the music. Rain is still probably my favorite in terms of music.

Here are the lyrics for this one. It took me so long to write this song. I struggled and struggled but I couldn't come up with any music or lyrics. But finally, I got mad at a certain circumstance. In a sudden spur of the moment, tried to do what I thought God would want me to do... which actually made me feel pretty good (I wonder why...). But then I suddenly wrote pretty much the entire song in one short sitting. Amazing what inspiration (or emotion) can do to one. Anyways. The lyrics.

Verse 1:

And here we are,
Stumbling in the lions den
Reveling in our pits of sin
Will we ever get out again

The Dark is close
Closing in around us now
Blotting out the light and good
We'd fight back if only help it would


You cleansed me
Of my sin
Died for me
You took it all away
Loved me
Cared for me
Cherished me
Though I stabbed you in the heart you loved

Verse 2:

The end is near
Everyone will soon be judged
On my cheek blows the cold breath
Of pain suffering and eternal death

The lies and deeds
Done in dark places unseen
Will soon be brought to light
Opened up shown off for public sight


You cleansed me
Of my sin
Died for me
You took it all away
Loved me
Cared for me
Cherished me
Though I stabbed you in the heart you loved


I am ugly but you loved me
I am wicked but you cared
I was scarred and so you healed me
Tried to mend my broken ways
I lashed out and tried to hurt you
You stood up and hugged me close

Verse 3

Now you Oh God
Are my light my strength my hope
In darkness no more I'll grope
Cause you sacrificed yourself for me


as usual, here's the link to the youtube video if you want...